Xubuntu is fast

My hard drive at work got corrupted, and I needed to do a quick reinstall. Luckily everything was backed up on the network, so I asked around the office if anyone had an Ubuntu disk. The only thing I could find was a copy of Xubuntu Feisty Fawn, so I thought I would just apt-get install ubuntu-desktop afterwards.

The installation took a total of 10 minutes including partitioning, etc. But even more impressive is that fact that it takes less then 4 seconds from login to full loaded desktop. I haven’t put GNOME back on here yet, but that might change because I’m missing my deskbar. Anyway kudos to those Xfce and Xubuntu guys.

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    hey laszlo,

    iirc, xfce has a gnome-panel applet host applet so you can use deskbar in xfce if you wish

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    thanks luke thats exactly what i was looking for!

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