PyGObject 2011 Hackfest

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The GNOME Foundation has generously sporsored me to attend the GNOME Python2011 Hackfest in Prague. I will be working on porting Jokosher to the new PyGObject bindings which use GObject introspection, and Gtk 3.0. I will identify problems I have while porting, get a chance to talk to the developers and hopefully fix all the issues for other application developers before the new PyGObject is released.

I’ve already started porting Jokosher, but there is still a lot do to. I’m working on the easy stuff so far, and probably won’t get to the difficult bits until next week in Prague. But I’ve already found, and created patches for two simple bugs: one to identify the file that a dynamic module is loaded from, and another to list all the available attributes of the module. Both of these make it easier for me to use PyGObject in an interactive terminal; something I am doing a lot of while I am porting Jokosher and need to check the new method names.

I would like to thank the GNOME Foundation and the sponsors of this hackfest (especially Collabora) for funding the hackfest, and my attendance. I get a great opportunity to visit Prague and meet many really cool Python hackers. Thanks!

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Speaking At LugRadio Live 2007

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Despite the fact that I live approximately six thousand kilometers away from the venue, I will once again be making the trek to Wolverhampton, UK for LugRadio Live. I was lucky enough to be able to attend LugRadio Live last year and host the Jokosher BOF session, but this year I have been invited to give a lightning talk about Jokosher.

What the organizers refer to as a “lightning talk” is actually a 25 minute presentation in a decent sized room. It isn’t as big as being on a real stage but its big enough for me. This will be the first time I’ve done public speaking outside of my high school. Let alone that it is in a foreign country and in the presence of people who are much smarter than myself.

My talk will be entitled “Inside Jokosher” which doesn’t really give you an idea of what it is about, because to be honest when I made up the title I didn’t know what it was going to be about either. Now that I have the details of my presentation ready to go, an appropriate subtitle would be “A power user’s guide to the most open and flexible audio editor available.” Now I an making the assumption that Jokosher is more open than much of the competition and that using Python and Gstreamer makes it much more flexible. But to know for sure if I am right you’ll have to come to my talk and find out for yourself.

For those of you who can’t justify flying across the entire ocean for just one weekend, or can’t make it for some other reason, I believe there will be a video recording of most of the presentations, and I will probably end up turning my talk into an official power user’s guide for Jokosher.

Of course LugRadio Live will be on the 7th and 8th of July in Wolverhampton, UK. You can find out all about it at the official site.