Opportunistic Developer Week

Jono Bacon asked me to hold a session on GStreamer and a session on Cairo for the Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week.

My GStreamer session went well. The IRC log is available online. I went through my slides which explained how to do a few simple things in Python. I used playbin2 to implement audio/video playback with pausing, seeking and position queries to update the slider. I was impressed how simple the code is; only 120 lines of Python.

I was less impressed with my Cairo session. Unlike with GStreamer, I couldn’t think up a clear use case that I could explain the solution to in under one hour. Instead I went through the very simple cairo API and showed how to use it with GTK or with PDF, PNG and SVG file formats. The IRC log and the code as online for this session as well. I did not make any slides.


This week Michael and I also released a new version of Jokosher. It is available on the download page on Launchpad even though the Jokosher website has not been updated yet.

Little has changed in this release so when we get around to changing the website there won’t be an announcement or anything. The reason for making this release was to get a bug fix out for a blocker which prevented Jokosher from running at all with newer versions of GTK. We wanted to get this done soon so it could be in the Ubuntu Lucid release, and the packaged version wouldn’t be broken. We also threw in a few other bug fixes while we were at it.

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