New Website

I now own, and my old blogspot blog redirects to here. All the old posts and comments have been imported. Everything should be exactly the same with the exception of the much nicer WordPress theme which I stole from Hopefully redirecting my old page to this one will not cause my new XML feed to mess up the planet.

It is nice to finally have a server to put my own programs on and have it accessible from anywhere through my domain name. I originally thought that I would be using Python for all my web stuff, but do far I have found PHP to be really simple to use. This is mostly because in Python you have to put all your HTML in doc-strings, which prevents you from having syntax highlighting, and breaking up the string when you need to insert a variable is not elegant. I find PHP method of allowing you to jump in and out of HTML mode to be a much nicer solution.

Right now I’m only playing with WordPress and few PHP web apps that I wrote myself. Maybe one day I’ll get around to trying out Django and all that jazz, but currently I like 99% of what WordPress does and I therefore only have to spent time tweaking the remaining 1%.

Speaking of time, because of work and generally being lazy, I haven’t put a lot towards Jokosher lately. Summer is almost over and I will soon be revving everyone to get ready for our unit testing and our beta releases in the fall. Otherwise everything is gonna slip past Christmas. Let us hope it doesn’t come to that.

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