Bill Hilf takes misunderstanding to a whole new level

I saw this article on slashdot. Here is a quote of Microsoft platform strategy manager Bill Hilf:

“They are full-time employees, with 401K stock options. Some work for IBM or Oracle. What does that mean? It means that Linux doesn’t exist any more in 2007. There is no free software movement. If someone says Linux is about Love, Peace and Harmony, I would tell them to do their research. There is no free software movement any more. There is big commercial [firms] like IBM and there is small commercial [firms] like Ubuntu,” he said.

Wow. I though this guy did a pretty good job when he came on LugRadio a year and a half ago, but he obviously doesn’t get it. Free software has nothing to do with money — it’s about liberty. Since the software I run and create still retains liberty then obviously the free software movement still exists. Geez maybe we need to get RMS to pay him a visit and explain this concept.

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