BarCamp in Ottawa

There’s not a lot of these tech or open-source conferences in my area. The only ones I can list off the top of my head are the Ottawa Linux Symposium (but that’s only hard core kernel stuff) and the Desktop Developers Summit, and both of those cost quite a bit of money.

So I get really excited when some cool, free (as in beer) and collaborative conference happens. This Saturday there will be a BarCamp at my university. In fact it will be in the same room I had linear algebra in only two hours ago. Usually I wouldn’t look forward to going to school at 8:30 (!) on a Saturday morning, but this is a special occasion. I don’t think any one in Ottawa will read this, but if you are from Ottawa put a comment on my blog so I at least know you exist. The details and schedule are on the BarCamp wiki.

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